Anonymous: Hey. What's your opinion on the series The Borrowers?

the most exposure I’ve had to the Borrowers is Arrietty

but as for concept and story, I think it’s great! Definitely some books worth looking into!!


Graveyard Shift (C) Daryl Toh Liem Zhan 2013. 


Graveyard Shift (C) Daryl Toh Liem Zhan 2013. 

Eventually I have to think of some political commentary for class and I reckon I’m gonna lay it on heavy with the feminism because I sit next to an anti-feminist and it’s high time I rustle some jimmies.

why am I always wide awake at the worst hours


Park sign installed today.





Shitastical- Something so horrible yet awe inspiring that you both hate it and thought it was the best thing you have ever seen.” -Urban Dictionary

It’s finally here, and I am so excited to start sharing this story again!!! So far there isn’t a whole bunch to see, but the cover and the first page! But the second page will be up VERY SOON!!<3

You can take your pick of reading it either here on Tapastic, or smackjeeves

Soon enough I’ll have it up on a few more comic hosting sites, to reach a bigger audience, but for now it’s just these two! c: 

I’ll be posting update alerts here and on the ST blog!

And reblogs of those, and perhaps this post, would be greatly appreciated and helpful in spreading it around c:

Thank you all<33


"Des Idées Noires"

For those of you unfamiliar with the new series, in the new Little Prince series the Snake has his own little shadow army who are made to prevent the Prince and the Fox from being able to save the planets. These creatures are called “des idées noires”—or, “the dark thoughts” (English dubbed as “the Gloomies”). Their powers, as far as I’m aware, are to shape-shift into obstacles or even giant creatures, but with a name like “the dark thoughts” I would think a little more creatively with their powers. Could they be living shadow beings that are formed from dark thoughts? Would it be possible if they had the ability to possess a person and perhaps create an increase of dark thoughts in said person’s head? Could they go so far as to create depression or a mental illness? Well that’s what I wanted to explore, at least.

Anyway, I wanted to make a picture that was spooky-ish for the holidays, at least this one had a Halloween-y color scheme. I’m thinking about making more horror-related images with our favorite prince, solely because I never get to and ‘tis the season.

wonder why I&#8217;m bringing up Joe it&#8217;s because I&#8217;m trying to settle on a design for him and so far I&#8217;m liking this one

wonder why I’m bringing up Joe it’s because I’m trying to settle on a design for him and so far I’m liking this one

interesting thing about Mark Twain’s Injun Joe and his obsession of revenge against the Widow Douglas

the original person Joe was based on was named “Joe Douglas”

idk if that’s anything significant but hey

Every hero needs a sidekick
Every captain needs a mate! (Aye aye!)
Every dinner needs a side dish
(On a slightly smaller plate)

late night scribble comic (based on this)

that old odysseus comic is getting notes again and the funniest part is I spent about ten seconds drawing it and it is my most popular post

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